Edwards Construction



Edwards Constructions Managing Director Sam Edwards (left) with Partner Kade Wallace at one of the company’s major construction projects.

‘Edwards Constructions has used Booth Partners as our accountants for more than 30 years, so the two businesses have grown together. We started out as a building company operating from the back of a ute, and have grown into a company dealing with major construction projects like schools, hospitals and clubs.

‘Often major construction projects involve tricky financial negotiations, and it is vital to get the financial model right. That’s where Booth Partners comes in. They have evolved into much more than our accountants. They are also our business advisors and act as our CFO (Chief Financial Officer). Their advice builds on our experience in the construction industry, and helps us ride the ups and downs.

‘We also combine with Booth Partners to provide a very good package to the clubs industry for clubs that are considering major renovations. We do the building and (partner) Kade Wallace provides the financial advice.’


Sam Edwards
Managing Director

Edwards Constructions operates at the top end of the construction industry, specialising in large public buildings such as schools, hospitals and court houses. One of the company’s best known recent projects is the spectacular Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre in Nowra. The company has offices in Batemans Bay, Nowra, Wollongong and Coffs Harbour.