Our Teams and Staff

Booth Partners

Booth Partners’ four partners (from left) David Murphy, Kade Wallace, Kerry-anne Norman, and Rebeka Schroeder

Booth Partners has more than 30 highly trained and professional employees. We work in four accounting teams led by our Partners David Murphy, Kade Wallace, Kerry-anne Norman and Rebeka Schroeder with an administration team providing support.

This teams structure allows us to provide specialised services to each of our clients, and ensures the staff who deal with them have a depth of knowledge and understanding of their businesses and requirements. As a result, we can promise – and deliver – prompt, efficient service at all times.

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients as we help them build stronger businesses.


Our Teams and Staff

David Murphy Kade Wallace Kerry-anne Norman Rebeka Schroeder
Roxanne May
Julie Hindwood
Emily Burchell
Lachlan Till
Andrew Griffin
Peter McGrath
Donna Hartenstein
Sally Douglas
Brad Young
Hansini De Fonseka
Natalie Talbot
Joanne Bailey
Sarah East
Alastair Preston
Claire Dagger
Tony Federici
Tamara Mitchell
Daniel Peters
Laikin Bricklebank
Robbi-Lee South
Donna Johnson
Campbell Burke
Kristy McCoy